• We are able to offer printed guides in resin and also metal printed guides for 2Ingis®/ImplantPilot®. These guides are printed to a high quality utilising a laboratory printer.
  • Guides can be tissue or tooth borne.
  • Simple guides or full surgical guides are available for a variety of software and drill/implant systems.
  • We can plan the guide for you, or you can send the file ready to print.

Simple Guide

  • Planning is done with Blue Sky Plan
  • Simple guides can be used for pilot hole access alone.
  • A CT scan is required but it is not necessary to use a fiducial marker.
  • A model is required and this will be scanned at the lab or a digital intraoral scan can be sent.

Standard Guide

  • Planning is done with SMOP
  • With the Standard guide the entire osteotomy and implant placement can be completed using the guide.
  • More accurate than a simple guide.
  • This kind of guide is specified where a higher degree of control and precision is indicated than for the simple guide. Because of the reduced amount of coolant that can access via the tube guide, this is not suitable for Densah® drills.
  • Specific drill surgical kits are used for different implant systems. Please ask about the implant systems we can work with.

2ingis Guides

  • The most accurate guide and the only guide we advise to use flapless.
  • Only available via SMOP, can be made in resin or CoCr. Resin is only suitable for tooth supported and a few units.
  • Requires the use of a CT with a LEGO® brick in place as the fiducial marker.
  • Not suitable for digital intraoral impressions.
  • With this guide the handpiece fits into the guide allowing for irrigation, avoiding complications associated with tube guides for the drill.

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