“After being slightly skeptical about the implant guide print, I am fully impressed and convinced now. It was very strange at first to hand over trust and control to the guide and without a flap, it felt odd to be unable to see the outline and formation of bone. However, it was very easy and so much less traumatic for the patient that I love using it now. My patient was impressed and happy, he went out for dinner the same evening and to a wedding the day after, with no pain or swelling. He didn’t need any painkillers either!”

Dr Antonia Salzl

“Just wanted to let you know that my surgery proceeded like clockwork today thanks to your guide.  Everything fitted perfectly and I very much like the design of the SMOP guide.”

Dr Andrew Hall

“Ever since I have been using the SMOP software to create my digital guides it has improved predictability and comfort for the patient. Most of my surgeries are now performed flapless, with minimal to no discomfort to the patient. Surgery time is almost half, thereby improving my profitability. The customer service and care at IGP is second to none, with staff assisting you every step of the way. I could never go back to implant surgery before SMOP and I would highly recommend the use of it for all implant surgeries.”

Mrs Dee Gawley